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Regression and Time Series Analysis

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Identify the most important predictive variables in a model Quantify qualitative variables and incorporate them in a predictive model Build predictive models to anticipate trends and demand PrerequisitesIntro to R Instruction3 hours and 30 minutes Practice20 to 25 hours Start Trial! Syllabus Syllabus: Regression and Time Series Analysis This course is designed for students who... Read more »

Clustering and Finding Patterns

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Find latent patterns in different types of data from customer purchases to staff performance Evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of clustering analyses Understand the purpose and implications of what clustering methods can and cannot achieve PrerequisitesIntro to R Instruction2 hours Practice4 to 7 hours Sign Up! Syllabus Syllabus: Clustering and Finding Patterns This course is... Read more »

Interactive Visualizations

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Create interactive visualizations with clickable charts, graphs, maps and networks Publish dynamic graphs and applications to your blog or website Collect and manipulate data from almost any website, saving you time and creating new possibilities PrerequisitesIntro to R Instruction1 hour 30 minutes Practice3 to 4 hours Sign Up! Syllabus Syllabus: Interactive Visualizations This course... Read more »

Introduction to R and Visualization

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Learn what data science is and how it is used by organizations large and small Learn how to use R to transform, format, and clean gigabytes of data in seconds Create expressive visualizations with R combining many variables in detailed charts PrerequisitesNone Instruction2 hours 40 minutes Practice 25+ hours Start Trial! Syllabus Syllabus: Introduction... Read more »