Data Mastery for Analysts

You don’t need 100 courses to learn data science, you just need the right ones

Data analyst

No background necessary to start this track! Build a solid foundation in R and learn how to work with data in the most common formats. Then, create powerful static and interactive visualizations to convey your findings clearly. Once you have a solid foundation in R, you’ll start digging into data to find new patterns, trends, and relationships. These skills will give you a deeper understanding of your data so you can solve problems faster and see the effects of actions you take. Finally, learn how to identify new groups and then predict trends with powerful regression techniques. By the time you're done with these courses, you'll be qualified to work as a data analyst!

Network analyst

Take your data mining to the next level with this network analysis series. Learn how to find hierarchical structures in groups, pull thousands of Twitter records, and predict how a message will spread through a network. You’ll learn how to implement powerful network analysis techniques and know when to implement each one for the results you need.

Text mining analyst: coming soon

Not all data is numerical – one of the most generated sources of information is through text. This series of courses will teach you how to pull main ideas from documents, classify them according to topic, and build maps to easily understand connections between documents. You’ll understand the most advanced text mining techniques that will significantly reduce the time you spend reading through thousands of papers.

Predictive analyst: coming soon

Prediction. The holy grail of data analytics. Classification can predict the behavior of individuals and sort out your customers into pre-determined groups based on their purchasing patterns. In this series of courses, we’ll take you through all the models you need to know to take your data analytics skills to the next level and anticipate your clients’ next moves.