Train with Data Society

Create a competitive advantage by making your employees data literate. Our expert data scientists will train your team from the basics to powerful data mining and predictive modeling approaches that will accelerate growth and streamline resources.

Customized Training

We provide tailored executive and analyst-level trainings that will help you maximize the value of your data and the impact of your workforce at all levels of the organization. We help you create a data-driven culture by increasing the skills and understanding of everyone on your team.

“After successfully completing a project for my client, they requested to double the keywords of the original project. I took the Data Society course to be able to do the analysis on my own and implemented a data-mining project without any outside partner assistance!” – John C.


We ensure your team keeps learning by providing an on-demand learning management system after live instruction. We provide you with professional video recordings, customized training manuals, and data analysis templates so your staff can refresh and train up on new skills.

Make Use of Your Knowledge

Our customized trainings are designed around your needs. We’ll teach your staff how to combine state of the art machine learning algorithms into ensemble models to extract insights from Big Data to help your team make better decisions and achieve better outcomes with fewer resources.

Our data visualization, data cleaning and data preparation courses will ensure your team is ready to work with the messiest data.

Our clustering, data mining, text mining and graph analysis programs programs will ensure your team can mine data effectively and identify latent trends.

Our machine learning programs will teach your staff how to build powerful predictive models for anticipating trends and behaviors.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In addition to our live-streaming and in-person courses, our interactive learning management system will help your employees learn at their own pace through engaging videos created by an instructional designer, lots of exercises, projects and case studies, collaborative forums, and administrative dashboards to help you manage your staff’s engagement and performance on assessments.