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Who We Are

Data Society is a data analytics training company that is transforming the way professionals learn data science. We are driven by the desire to break down barriers in education and provide high quality, intuitive, and practical data science skills to professionals who never thought it possible to master these complex ideas. We work with government and private sector organizations to build tailored data science training programs and help them develop a data-driven culture. Founded in 2014, we have been recognized by Forbes as a top ten EdTech company and have won numerous awards for our training and innovation.

Working with Us

We are a dynamic team of data scientists, educators, and consultants who work together towards our mission of making data science accessible and exciting. Every member of our team brings his or her valuable background and skills to contribute a unique voice in our rapidly growing company. We encourage our colleagues to learn new techniques and stay engaged in the data science community. We do not function under strict routines, but allow for flexibility and autonomy to maximize the success and happiness of our team. The problems we face are often challenging and require dedication, but the work is never monotonous. Join our team and help us empower the workforce!

Company Culture

Our culture is one of equality, collegiate collaboration, and innovation. We work hard and play hard, placing value on efficiency at work and a healthy work-life balance. We operate on a “No drama, unless it’s on HBO” policy, and enjoy spirited debate with respect and camaraderie. At Data Society, we value diversity of thought on our team – no one has the monopoly on new ideas. We depend on one another for success and discuss ideas collaboratively to reach the best solution, regardless of where it originated from.


Who We Are Looking For

We seek lovers of science and technology, educator extraordinaires, problem solvers, collaborators, creative thinkers. Our team loves to challenge and be challenged in return. Our company is committed to excellence and always striving to be the best. We want you to love what we do as much as we do and be excited to come to work every day. This is not just a job, it’s an opportunity to be a leader at the forefront of data science education and we want you on our team!

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