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Why choose Data Society as your training partner?

We are the first company to build data science training specifically geared for professionals who need to pick up data science skills quickly. All of our trainings are built by professional data scientists and expert educators to make each training intuitive and immediately applicable. Our clientele include the Department of Commerce, the International Monetary Fund, Northrop Grumman, the Inter-American Development Bank, and many others.

Corporate training pricing

 < 21 students< 26 students< 31 students
2-day introductory training$12,644$14,875$17,500
2-day intermediate / advanced training$14,089$16,575 $19,500
2-day executive training $15,534 $18,275 $21,500
Weeklong trainings start at $1300 / person with a minimum of 20 students

**All of the trainings can be customized and adjusted to fit your needs, whether it’s delivering a training over multiple weeks or building it modularly and combining several training programs into one course.

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Expert instructors

Each instructor has a wealth of professional experience and teaching experience to provide the best in-classroom support.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Receive and keep reference guides at your desk to quickly refresh your memory when you need to solve a pressing problem.

Download the code

Reusable code templates to implement the analyses and techniques you’ve learned on your own data.

Practical use cases

Build up a professional portfolio and solidify your understanding of implementing powerful data science and analysis methods with numerous practice exercises.

Student support

Get timely support from instructors and responsive staff so that you are always able to continue learning and solve problems.

Certify your skills

Earn certificates for each completed course that also show your average quiz score. Print it out and share it with colleagues, employers, and friends!


Take a look at what our graduates have to say

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot in a short time. I was a beginner to R and I was able to keep up with the pace, structure, and fully understood the lectures. Data Society has been incredibly supportive by reaching out to me monthly to check in, offering me advice, sharing their experiences, and answering any questions I have had.” – Chant’l M..

“After successfully completing a project for my client, they requested to double the keywords of the original project. I took the Data Society course to be able to do some of these things on my own and implemented a data-mining project without any partner assistance!” – John C.

“The information was useful for seasoned data users, but also gives managers with no programming experience a better understanding of analytic approaches and ways to incorporate them in various lines of work.” – Jon V.

“I have never read or heard any explanations on data mining techniques as accessible and clear as in the Data Society courses.” – Tony Z.