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The premiere data leader curriculum

In order to lead a team and organization to success, you need to understand how to leverage your data. This series of courses has been meticulously reviewed and curated by top data science leaders and educators to teach you how to implement data driven strategies, communicate easily with your data team, and hire the right people to get the job done. 

Data Science in Business

This course is designed for managers and executives who want to understand how data analytics can be used to drive business forward. Learn how other companies have used data analysis to drive their business forward, reduce costs, and target new markets so you can apply their successful strategies to your business.

Data Science Methods

Now that you know the massive potential of data science, it’s time to dive into some detail. Learn the intuition, practical use cases, and pitfalls about the most commonly used data science methods. Improve communication with your data science team and drive your data strategy forward by gaining a clear understanding of a broad range of data science techniques.

Building a Data Driven Team

What tools and people do you need to integrate data into your business? Learn about the tools you need to manage your data, what traits you need to look for when hiring data scientists, and the pitfalls to watch out for as you implement new processes and build teams.