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SUPPLEMENT: Mining the Twitter API

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview PLEASE NOTE: This is a supplement to the Mining Social Media course in the Data Society Network Analysis series. The course will walk you through how to pull large quantities of data from Twitter and clean it for analysis. Identify key influencers and discovers important connectors Create a message propagation strategy and simulate it... Read more »

Community Detection

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Quantitatively measure the strength of connections between network nodes Detect communities within networks to determine how individuals group together Identify the most important nodes in a network PrerequisitesIntro to Network Analysis, Mining Social Media Instruction3 hours Practice10 to 15 hours Sign Up! Syllabus Syllabus: Community Detection This course is designed for students who have taken... Read more »

Mining Social Media + Network Diffusion

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Create interactive visualizations with clickable charts, graphs, maps and networks Publish dynamic graphs and applications to your blog or website Collect and manipulate data from almost any website, saving you time and creating new possibilities PrerequisitesIntro to Network Analysis Instruction2 hours, 40 min Practice10 to 15 hours Sign Up! Syllabus Syllabus: Mining Social Media This... Read more »

Introduction to Network Analysis

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Learn how to frame a problem from the standpoint of networks and relationships Calculate various measurements of networks and understand underlying network structure Identify weak points and key connectors in networks and supply chains PrerequisitesIntro to R Instruction1 hour 30 minutes Practice3 to 4 hours Sign Up! Syllabus Syllabus: Introduction to Network Analysis This course... Read more »