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Community Detection

This course is designed for students who have taken Data Society’s Introduction to Network Analysis course and Mining Social Media course or who have good experience in network analysis. This 3 hour course teaches students how to clean and format network data, detect and measure networks and sub-networks, and import email data and visualize it.

Course Objectives

  • Quantitatively measure the strength of connections between network nodes
  • Detect communities within networks to determine how individuals group together
  • Identify the most important nodes in a network
Prerequisites: Intro to Network Analysis,
Mining Social Media
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Instruction: 3 hrs
Practice: 10 – 15 hrs

Merav Yuravlivker

Merav Yuravlivker is a nationally ranked instructor and co-founder of Data Society. She used data-driven strategies in the classroom to maximize educational outcomes and has over 10 years of experience in instructional design, training, and teaching. Merav has helped bring new insights to businesses and move their organizations forward through implementing data analytics strategies.

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