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Regression and Time Series Analysis

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Identify the most important predictive variables in a model Quantify qualitative variables and incorporate them in a predictive model Build predictive models to anticipate trends and demand PrerequisitesIntro to R Instruction3 hours and 30 minutes Practice20 to 25 hours Start Trial! Syllabus Syllabus: Regression and Time Series Analysis This course is designed for students who... Read more »

Introduction to R and Visualization

OverviewSyllabusInstructorOverview Learn what data science is and how it is used by organizations large and small Learn how to use R to transform, format, and clean gigabytes of data in seconds Create expressive visualizations with R combining many variables in detailed charts PrerequisitesNone Instruction2 hours 40 minutes Practice 25+ hours Start Trial! Syllabus Syllabus: Introduction... Read more »