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    Kisha Browning

    I’ve gotten several errors with this section also. The POTUS exercise #3 says
    # Note: if you are having trouble collecting the data, the user may have
    # blocked their information from public access, so just move on to the next
    # user.
    How do I fix this? Change BO_first to BO_second? Or do I need to change BO_followers_2 to 3? I tried the latter and got the following error thru 4: Error in !can_access_other_account(user_id) : invalid argument type
    BO_first = getUser(BO_ten_followers[1])
    BO_followers_2 = BO_first$getFollowers(n = 1000)

    I had another question about the TPB exercise. Was question 21 correct in saying “…call it ‘TPB_follower_data_list_1’.”? Why not label this as ‘TPB_follower_data_list_2’?
    Is no one monitoring the forum anymore?

    in reply to: Visualizing Your Network #19950
    Kisha Browning

    This is resolved. I reran the code from set.seed to edge color. Then I ran dev.copy thru I should probably just reorganize the code like below. I’ll try that with part 2.

    plot(layout = layout.kamada.kawai, #<- the layout argument is optional but some make the graph easier to see
    cruise_graph_1, #<- the data to use of the type
    vertex.label = NA, #<- if this argument is not set to “NA” R will automatically add node names as labels
    vertex.size = 3, #<- determines the size of the points
    vertex.color = “orange”, #<- determines the color of the points
    edge.color = “light blue”) #<- determines the color of the edges

    width = 10,
    height = 10)

    in reply to: Exercise 3: NavBar Page #19678
    Kisha Browning

    I’m still working on this section. I made some progress and was able to publish the stock app without disabling McAfee. However, the World Population app is another story. The app ran in RStudio. But when I tried to publish, I got new errors such as the following:
    Error: HTTP 402 POST
    You have reached the maximum number of applications allowed for your account and
    “ERROR: could not find function “showOutput”

    I tried the suggested patch and deleted nonworking apps in the Neither helped. I was running the current version of R and RStudio and the packages are updated. I’ll revisit this again tomorrow with the 3rd NavBar exercise.


    in reply to: Exercise 3: NavBar Page #19613
    Kisha Browning

    I have a new error now that seems to be stuck in an endless loop.

    First I keep getting a message that asks me to Install the Shiny Package
    Running Shiny applications requires installation of an updated version of the shiny package. Do you want to install now?

    When I say yes, I get several Installing Packages messages

    Installing package into ‘C:/Users/Kisha/Documents/R/win-library/3.3′(as ‘lib’ is unspecified
    trying URL ‘;
    Content type ‘application/zip’ length 331672 bytes (3.2 MB)

    package ‘Rccp’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
    Warning:unable to move temporary installation ‘C:\Users\Kisha\Documents\R\win-library\3.3\file165446f15b8c\Rcpp’ to ‘C:\Users\Kisha\Documents\R\win-library\3.3\Rcpp’

    I restarted R and commented out the steps, but it did not work.

    The code that did work for me on the medicare app is below:
    #### Slide 109: Sharing Shiny apps ####

    # Require devtools to load if it’s not already loaded.

    #if (!require(“devtools”))
    # install.packages(“devtools”)

    #The above didn’t work so I tried the following:

    # Create a username and password at and input the
    # token and secret to set your account information.


    #shinyapps::setAccountInfo(name = “<USERNAME>”,
    # token = “<TOKEN>”,
    # secret = “<SECRET>”)

    # Load shinyapps.This did NOT work



    # Now deploy the app to shinyapps so you can send the link to anyone!


    I hope this makes some kind of sense. I’ll look for your feedback.


    in reply to: Web Scraping with R #19581
    Kisha Browning

    Wish there was a way to close the post when I’ve figured out the answer. I was able to fix the above problem by entering 10,9,7,5 as the nth child instead of 9,8,7,5 which was in the video. I need to play around with SelectorGadget more to understand it. What other tools similar to SelectorGadget could I try?


    in reply to: Visualizing Health with rCharts Concept Review #19555
    Kisha Browning

    I do have a few more questions regarding the HispanicPop exercise.

    Why can’t I just do a rename of the column name using rename(long_data$topState.State = long_data$State)?
    I got the following Error: Error: unexpected ‘=’ in “rename(long_data$topState.State =” and can’t figure why?

    Why didn’t the gsub seem to do anything?
    I tried the following names(long_data$topState.State) <- names(long_data$topState.State) %>% gsub(“topState.State”, “State”, .)

    Then I tried long_data$topState.State <- gsub(“topState.State”,”State”,long_data$topState.State)

    When would I consider using read.delim over read.csv?
    Lastly, was there supposed to be more than one column that was named topState.State?

    Thanks again!

    in reply to: Visualizing Health with rCharts Concept Review #19553
    Kisha Browning

    Disregard my question. I actually figured something out 🙂 I installed the package and loaded it and everything ran fine. I am learning something!

    in reply to: Visualizing Health with rCharts Concept Review #19552
    Kisha Browning

    I apologize. My error occurred while running the Stock Chart Exercise 1.

    in reply to: Summarizing NBA Data #19166
    Kisha Browning

    The data doesn’t seem to load properly. The data is shifted over 1 column. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers team name appears under the Salary column.

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