Topic Category: Theory / Concept

Topic 3: assessing and improving the fit

The 12-minute video below will cover the difference between underfitting and overfitting, and then discuss the most common methods for combatting overfitting in neural networks. To follow along with Jon-Cody’s presentation, download the slides available here. If that video raised any questions for you, post them to the course forum. Otherwise, spend some time reviewing the …

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Topic 4: optimizer and learning rate

Watch the 7-minute video below to better understand optimizers and learning rate. The presentation is available for download here. The tf.keras optimizer documentation, discussed at slide 5, can be found here. Take a moment to explore it before moving on to the quiz.

Topic 3: activation functions

In the Topic 3 video, Jon-Cody will spend 9 minutes explaining activation functions in more depth and describing several common ones. His presentation is available for download here. Before moving on, take some time to explore the documentation for tf.keras activation functions that was mentioned during the discussion on slide 2, and do some additional …

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Topic 1: neural network logic

We start Lesson 2 with an 11-minute video to explain the logic behind neural networks in a bit more depth that we've covered previously. You can follow along with this presentation using the slides available here. Need some inspiration? Take a minute to play and explore Quick, Draw!, a game in which a neural network …

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Topic 3: TensorFlow basics

Now that you know a little bit more about neural networks, let's dig in to TensorFlow. In the 9-minute video below, your instructor will cover the basics. To follow along with him, the presentation materials for this topic available for download here. The additional resources that were mentioned during the presentation are linked below. Take …

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