Frequently asked questions about Data Society and our courses.

Why do I need to learn data science? My job isn’t in the data field.

We get asked that question a lot. Data is being collected now in ways we couldn’t imagine five years ago, from our purchase history to the number of steps we take every day. It’s not enough to have only a few individuals who do all the data analysis in a company and throw it back over a wall – when all employees have a good understanding of data, they are more likely to target the right data and ask the right questions. Whether you have customers, clients, stakeholders or products, collecting and analyzing data is the key to making your job easier and your team and more effective.

But I don’t code – do I need to learn R if I know Excel?

Excel is a great tool. We teach you how to take what you know how to do in Excel and push those data analysis and visualization skills to the next level so you can perform powerful analyses and find new insights in a short amount of time. The R software that we use is open-source and can handle larger amounts of data – it’s the preferred software among statisticians and is easy to learn! Still not convinced? Check out this post by CEO Merav Yuravlivker about 3 tips to train Excel users in R.

What makes your courses different from other ones I’ve seen online?

Our courses are meticulously created and curated by us – we make sure that every class you take has the same high caliber level of instruction, while also being applicable, intuitive and affordable. We provide reference guides, templates, concept reviews, and project-based exercises, so you build out a portfolio as you go through our course. We teach you how to apply what you learn to your field so you can go back into your job the next day and put it into practice.

Which course should I take if I just want an overview without learning how to code?

We provide a comprehensive course track, Data Science for Leaders, that walks you through the most common data science techniques in business and what you should look for when you hire a data team. This set of courses is a great way to become familiar with the terminology, techniques, and applicability of data science so you can direct your team forward with confidence.

What will I learn from your courses?

You will learn how to think about data more holistically and apply new analysis to your existing data. We teach you how to create engaging and interactive visualizations, predict trends from your data, and find patterns that were previously undiscovered. In short, you will be able to pull new insights from your data to make better data-driven decisions.

Do you provide group training or discounts?

Yes, we do – if you are interested in in-person training or online group rates, please contact us for more information. We can tailor our courses to your needs and provide additional support for your team.

We also offer corporate trainings that can be delivered in person, online streaming, or online self-paced.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

It’s easy! Sign up for a membership with full access to our courses, forums, and additional resources. Once you register, you can start learning right away! If you’re still curious about our courses, check out our curriculum for more details.

What if I have more questions?

We’re happy to answer additional questions – just send us an email!

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